How to use awards for B2B Marketing Strategy?

B2B companies compete every day for investors and customers. To drive traffic to their website, they use all kinds of B2B marketing strategies. The main aim of the B2B Company should be to make their own business stand out from the crowd. Most B2B companies are bestowed with prestigious awards. They should leverage upon these awards and prove to the society that they are great. Awards are a validation of your skillset and your trustworthiness. And business is no different.

B2B Marketing Strategy

But being good is not enough. You need to prove that you are good.

Many businesses receive business awards and certifications that they usually frame and put it up on the office wall. But, in reality, business awards should be used to get your business public validation.

Research and studies prove that 70% of the consumers look at customer reviews and testimonials before purchasing a product. This means, 70% of your potential customers look for third party validation. And if they cannot find that validation, they may not buy anything from you. This is one reason why most lead capture pages show testimonials. But in your B2B marketing strategy, testimonials aren’t a way of standing out because everybody has them. They can also be made-up.

Winning awards is different because it shows that you were chosen among many of your competitors. Showing an award on your web page, marketing brochure and checkout process shows your customers that you were evaluated by experts. Awards are a form of social proof, trust seals and third part validation.

Once you have entered a business awards format and emerged as a winner, that itself can make an effective marketing strategy.

In the course of entering the business awards, you identify what you are good at. You tend to conduct extensive research and you might realise your strengths and flaws. Once you are prepared for the business awards, you need to enrol. After enrolling, you need to implement the results. Winning or losing is not in your hands, but at least you made an effort and tried. But, if you ever loose, find out why you lost and what went wrong. Implement this feedback for next time. Your chances of success will improve drastically.

But again, if you lose, do not lose hope. It’s time to repeat the B2B marketing strategy. Business awards can become a major part of your growth strategy that will elevate your B2B business to the next level.

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