Top fashion trends to watch out in 2016

Fashion trends in 2016

Fashion is not only about clothes and accessories; it is a way of life. The year 2015 has seen some really crazy fashion trends. From cropped tops to off-shoulders to umbrella skirts, we spotted them all. The cropped tops also got a new lease as many wore them with flared lehengas and skirts. What were once restricted to only pants and skirts was now being worn with Indian attire too. Embroidered blouses and embellished cropped tops are here to stay and make a unique fashion statement.

Fashion conscious men and women like to keep their ears and eyes wide open to emerging fashion trends. We too keep an eye on the micro-trends that are trending on the runway. We exclusively reveal some of the top fashion trends that one can watch out for in 2016.

Fashion trends 2016

The old English sleeves are back. Most of the fashion trends one will get to see in 2016 will be like a flashback. The retro style of the 60s and 70s is surely coming back. Flared bell sleeves are very much in vogue. A printed black on white look will take on the little black dress.

Lace has always been associated with the queens and princesses. In the New Year, you will get to see a lot of lace. Transparent see-through lace is making a comeback. Dress manufacturers and suppliers in India will be seen making sheer dresses. Delicate lace gives a classy look to any ensemble. Wearing a lace dress on a date night surely enhances the romance aspect.

While the 70s trend has remained strong for a long time now, bandaged tops and dresses are coming back. Fashion designers today like to experiment with bright colours, good fabrics and rich neutrals. Mixed prints, chiffon dresses and embellished flares are all going to make a bold fashion statement.

In the recent times, bohemian fashion has taken everybody back. It is a kind of fashion that has bohemian and hippie influences. Prints are central to bohemian fashion. Florals and paisleys are central to it. One can get to see a lot of Bohemian fashion in 2016. Free flowing clothing; vintage and ethnic inspired accessories and natural looking hair will give you the look of a perfect Boho chic.

Lastly, one more trend of 2015 that will also be seen in 2016 is off-shoulder. It has become extremely popular and is surely here to stay. From off-shoulder tops to off-shoulder dresses, the style is very much in vogue. It is sexy, comfortable and a totally wearable style. It brings out the chic aspect in any girl.

Therefore, for all you fashion conscious women all there; worry no more because 2016 is all about flaunting the best fashion trends in style. We make sure you flaunt it before anyone else does.

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