Top 3 Tips: How to Use B2B Portals for Business Promotion!!

Internet is undeniably the biggest invention so far. About three-four decades back, anyone hardly imagined that internet would play a significant role in human lives as it does today. Due to the advancement of modern technology, internet has squeezed the entire world into a tiny place that is conveniently accessible in cyber space. Thus internet has become an indispensable part of life. It has upgraded our lives in many ways for instance the way we communicate, travel, work and conduct business etc.

When it comes to online business, B2B online marketplaces have emerged as an excellent option for marketing and performing business online in the most cost-effective ways. B2B (Business to Business) portals referred as e-commerce place. Here online product suppliers and buyers registered on the portals are engaged in mutual profitable online business transactions. This is a wonderful platform to develop & find new business opportunities & maintain existing ones.

B2B marketplaces

Here are some tips which can guide you in deriving maximum business exposure & response at B2B portals.

1. Register at Leading B2B site

The first and foremost step that business owners need to do is to register their company’s profile on a reputed B2B site. The registration process is free of cost in most of the leading B2B portals. Or some may charge a reasonable fee for enlisting your company in their database. One has to submit a simple registration form along with business details such as name, address, e-mail id and other details etc. it is important to provide maximum information about the company & its nature of business. This would ensure relevant response from potential clients & customers.

B2B Portals

2. Categorize Your Business

After undergoing the registration process, the next step is to categorize your business. This would help business partners, clients & consumers to search for products according to their area of interest. Leading B2B portals offer product listing with complete product specifications, features, USP points & network of delivery. They also have sub categories under broad segments to help buyers finding the desired goods & services.

3. Upload images of Products/Services

While posting all the categories of products on B2B portal, also upload images. This will be visually describe your products very well and attract buyers to purchase them quickly. Also give details regarding product size and availability in other colours. Also mention the terms & conditions related to delivery, packing, sale & discount coupon codes (if applicable).

So these are three easy steps to follow while registering & marketing company profile at B2B platforms. Log on to and register your business online. It is one of the world’s largest B2B portals and here people can connect with reliable online suppliers, manufacturers, importers and exporters etc.

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