Top 10 marketing trends that will define 2016

Marketing trends that will define 2016

The growth of business portals in India is booming. With new players emerging in the market it is difficult to maintain a consumer base. It is difficult to have a consumer shop from only one online portal. A smart consumer will look through the prices of many e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal and then make his purchase decision. In order to have your customers inclined only towards your portal, you need to indulge in certain marketing strategies.


In this article, we will discuss 10 marketing trends that will define online business portals in 2016.

  • Customer experience model: A successful e-commerce platform is that one which builds a customer experience model. Marketers should use integrated tools to engage customers online. They should track the buyer’s journey, measure sentiment and loyalty and match behaviour to meet the customer’s interests and needs. The sales should directly affect conversion rates.
  • Ad blockers: Online audience are sick and tired of in your face marketing. Online ads actually test the patience of the users and are plainly nothing but annoying. In 2016, companies might create seamless ads that blend in rather than interrupt the online browsing experience.
  • Market in 3D: Everybody loves virtual reality and what better way to put it across than 3D. Smart marketers will use 3D to bring their products to life. 3D will move from a novelty to mainstream.
  • Social media as a channel, not strategy:Marketers will finally realise that social media is a channel and not a strategy to reach potential customers.
  • Omni channel approach: Today, most retail and online platforms are seen using an Omni channel approach. It will facilitate a smooth interaction. Omni channel approach will benefit retailers and online business portals in India.
  • Big data: Integrated tools will help marketers manage big data. They can effectively use analytics into marketing decisions.
  • Smartphone: Marketers will choose mobile-targeted campaigns and create optimised and responsive websites.
  • Use video: If you want to engage an audience, use videos. Snapchat, vines and GIFs are being consumed at a rapid rate. Video marketing will make online portals shine.
  • Content is the king: It may sound cliché but content is still the king and will always be. Good content and storytelling can play a key role in keeping customers engaged. Focus on content campaigns in the right channels.
  • Read data:Just good marketing is not enough. Marketers should look into and study the data before, during and after the campaigns to validate the return on marketing investment.

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