Top 10 B2B Publishers on Twitter

Twitter is a busy place now as more and more B2B companies have started using it for communicating with their customers, prospects and industries. Twitter has mainly been successful due to its simplicity. B2B publishers are making full use of Twitter.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 B2B publishers that are doing it right. The ranking is based on the number of followers a publisher has, ratio of following to followers, how many times a publisher has been added to a list and reach, engagement and influence.

B2B Publisher

  • Intelligent Aerospace: Their profile starts off with a bang as they offer a call to action to visit their website in the beginning itself. Most companies put their URL in the bio. However, Intelligent Aerospace makes extra efforts. Secondly, they’ve included a unique hashtag that makes it easy for people to join them in the conversation in the industry. Through their profile, they want to reach out to the community.
  • Wireless week: Their profile shows multiple ways to share people’s content. Any B2B publisher has volumes of its own content, but sharing only your own content isn’t an effective way to engage.
  • Property casualty 360: They use not more than two hashtags per image. Best of all is they personalise each account.
  • System contractor news: They provide a number of opportunities for deeper engagement directly with them without coming off as self-absorbed.
  • John Deere: John Deere is an American icon that has been getting content marketing right ever since he published his first magazine. They are recognised for their user-generated content campaign. Their branded hashtag lets customers share and find the authentic stories from other John Deere fans.
  • Industry week: They are doing a lot of great things. To start with, their profile is classic and well-written. Visitors quickly understand who this Twitter account is for. If you visit their page, you will see high quality pictures with every tweet.
  • Day spa magazine: Instead of limiting their feed to a megaphone, they seek out conversation.
  • Skift: They’re another B2B publisher that has got the image memo. Every tweet includes high resolution images. Their Twitter feed provides generous helpings of detailed, authoritative industry content.
  • The art newspaper: Their profile offers a different call to action. They use rich visuals and content. They also share snippets from their ‘behind the scenes’.
  • Restaurant news: The way they use their hashtags is unique. They never use more than one hashtag per tweet. Their hashtag is unique, attractive and effective.

If you are a B2B company on Twitter, you must follow these B2B publishers right away.

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