The Secret Ingredients for Lead Generation

The main reason a company makes products or services available to the public is to generate sales and make profits. Similarly, the main reason why a marketing head of that company generates leads is to increase the sales. Therefore, lead generation is one such marketing tool used by marketers to arouse the curiosity of consumers or lead them to inquire about a product or service that particular business offers.

Just like an unforgettable dining experience which is perfect due to the service offered, the ambience of the restaurant and mainly because the meal you just had is made with the right ingredients. Hence, it is very important for the lead to be perfect and for that there are some ‘secret ingredients’ which lead generation possesses.In B2B markets, lead generation is of utmost importance. A good lead will lead to a successful campaign and will surely hit the sales in a good way.


A marketer must always remember that just created the lead is not enough. Once the lead is created, the next step is lead management. This should be done from time to time to move the buyers towards a purchase decision.

Pay per click/cost per click

Cost per click is an important tool of lead generation. The pay per click tool allows a company who has placed an advertisement on a host website to generate sales for itself each time a person clicks on that advertisement. In return each time a user clicks on the advertisement; the advertising company has to pay a small sum of money to the website who is hosting the advertisement. Pay per click tool just gets you a little closer to generating a successful lead. What makes it 100% successful is the content in the advertisement. Always remember that content is the king and today online marketing is all about content marketing. Try and understand why the user has clicked on the ad? They have clicked on it because they are interested in the product or service you are offering and want to know more. Therefore, the ad should contain those important keywords of the product/service and must direct the person to the company website or the landing page. In the lead generation process, every small thing counts so make sure the customers get what they are looking for when the click on your ad.

Always use Fresh Ingredients

When you eat a meal, would you like it if it is made with stale ingredients? The answer is NO. Similarly, the ingredients used to generate leads have to be very fresh. The B2B markets are very competitive and having a poor marketing strategy can just drop the sales miserably. It is very important to update the keyword, content or subject matter of the ad from time to time and at regular intervals. As a consumer, the expectations from the company change daily and it is your duty to meet the changing demands. The only tool to that will guide you to fresh content is research. The more research a company involves in its marketing strategy, the more it will be appreciated by people.


While all companies use new media like online marketing to generate leads, sometimes old school or traditional methods like a telephone call can also generate leads. Telemarketing is the art of making phone calls to potential customers to market the products or services. Today, there are tons of marketers who are successfully generating leads using telemarketing. A study also revealed that marketers who used telemarketing generated more leads than a marketer who used online marketing tools.

Often in the marketing world, generating a lead using telemarketing is called calling leads.

Other lead generating tools include advertising, email, social media marketing website creation and referrals.

Lead generation has many recipes all with different ingredients but getting the right ingredients together to generate a successful lead is the trick.

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