Must Have Car Accessories In India

Car Accessories

Just how you buy a new house and decorate it, similarly you need to equip your car with important accessories. Today’s automotive marketplace can offer a broad range of car accessories. Some accessories are important to have on hand in the event of an emergency or accident. On the other hand, some accessories can make your driving experience pleasurable and easier. You can also add a dash of coolness to the interiors of your car. Whatever you do, make sure it does not act as a hindrance in your driving. The accessories may differ from different car models and can be car specific.

Car Accessories

In this article, we will discuss the different car accessories according to the different sections of the car.

Interior enhancement

  • Mats: Floor mat and boot mat.
  • High quality sun film: To protect the interiors of the car from extreme climatic conditions.
  • Seat covers: To increase the beauty of the car and make it comfortable.
  • Audio system: Installation/Upgrade
  • Air freshener: The interior of the car smells fresh.


  • Remote locking system: For added security and convenience.
  • Steering gear lock: It is a great way to prevent theft.
  • Headlight bulb: Upgrade headlight bulbs to more powerful ones for appropriate relay and wiring.
  • Mirror lock: Some cars require this to prevent theft of standard wing mirrors.

Precautionary measures

  • Fire extinguisher: Can save you and your car in the event of an electrical short-circuit.
  • Puncture repair kit: A must have for highway travelers.
  • Fog lights: They aid in driving in foggy conditions and provide a life-saving backup in case of headlights malfunction.
  • Comprehensive tool kit: A standard tool kit is a must to prevent any accidents.
  • Extra fuses: For crucial parts such as the headlight, starter etc.

Therefore, your car is an expensive investment and by purchasing the right accessories you can keep your car looking good, prevent yourself from becoming stranded on the road and make your car look personalized.

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