The First year success tale of

A year has passed ,if we do happen to turn & look back we will find so many events & important occassions that went unnoticed then but sure will be remembered for the significance it made in our lives.Team pepagora welcomes the new year along with unbound happiness & by celebrating the first anniversary of

Product Launch

Pepagora was foreseen as a product that will help business make business.The idea was the vision of Mr.Murugesan Dhanapal,Founder of Floret Media, he along with his management team transformed the vision into a mission for building the world’s leading business to business end portal.By the time the idea evolved it was mid of 2012.The team building,prototype creation,product development , testing was all set & completed by the end of 2013.Floret Media delivered its brainchild to the world as on 31,December,2013.

The Success Story

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” –Michael Jordan

Followed by the greater expectations laid on the portal,the first milestone reached was 1000 users registered as on 16,January,2014 which has now grown up to 24000 users.With Pepagora being a virtual ,live marketplace the number of products that is available has reached nearly 2.7 Lakh products.

Pepagora not just connects business rather it offers a virtual showroom to showcase products,make deals,send enquiry and explore beyond buying & selling.It has been designed for providing service to all business .In addition to the service pepagora users can avail many benefits including customized website ,the 24/7 chat support ,feedback and support system.

The Search Tab

The search tab in the home page of website has been designed uniquely.Any business related information can be obtained at one stop place.A portal where not just business leads but even deals,partnership can be made is what pepagora is all about.A simple and powerful dashboard with features including messages,products,deals,tickets system and analytics it has all that a business user requires.

Milestones in the Journey

A unique & user-friendly b2b portal definitely requires a high quality search algorithm,with code level optimization this has been achieved.More than 3 Lakh links have been optimized to an SEO friendly URL.Business user can choose from over 200 website templates.Every single day there is a constant rise in products list.Our market place today consists of over 2.7 lakh products out of which 20,000 products are with complete details.Approximately 1,500 products are added every month.

Future Ahead

With a world class b2b portal,Pepagora is expected to help businesses.Hence this year all users can await to use the revised user-friendly dashboard v2.0.We will be spreading our wings across all the major states in India starting with Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan in JFM and Maharashtra, New Delhi, Punjab in 2nd Quarter.New production center will be created and a new data warehousing team, promotion team and support team will be deployed.Our goal is to expand our operations and thus aim at getting ranked among the TOP 5 B2B Portal’s in India.

Team Pepagora wishes you all a very Happy New Year 2015 and we pledge to serve business community better in the coming years.

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