SMEs across south India can sell their products online using pepagora

Whether you sell in a brick and mortar store or online, buying and selling is not easy. Especially if you are a small and medium enterprise, finance can be a big constraint. Lack of finance and resources has always been a barrier for small enterprises. Unlike mega corporations and established industrial leaders, you do not have millions of dollars in the marketing and sales budget. Also, you do not enjoy the same brand value as most of the established organisations. Fortunately, most of these constraints are not as difficult to manage these days as they once used to be, thanks to the internet and most importantly thanks to leading online B2B trading portals such as

Pepagora is a live B2B marketplace that has been curated to help small businesses online across South India. In states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, there are many small businesses that possess the required skill to make a varied range of products across different categories but do not possess the skill to sell the product and make money. That’s when Pepagora steps in.

Pepagora helps small businesses enter the local market. With Pepagora, buying and selling becomes much easier. Traditionally, you would have to travel long distances to strike a deal for your business. Today, the trend has changed. As a B2B portal for business goods, Pepagora gives you a list of buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, importers and exporters.

SMEs across south india

The feasibility and accessibility in one place has made B2B portals popular. Whether you operate in the most remote or bustling area, you can have your online store on Pepagora. You can create a virtual organisation for your business and enter even untapped potential markets easily. Online marketing gives you a chance to create more brand awareness and establish your web presence.

The best part of small businesses on B2B portals is that they can sell 24*7 for 365 days. People from all over the world can view your products.

Small scale industries and SMEs can attract global customers without spending too much. The same is not possible through other marketing channels. Pepagora also helps you increase your customer database.

For the convenience of small businesses in South India, Pepagora has come up with a premium plan for small businesses online. The plan has been curated for SMEs and MSMEs across Chennai, Salem, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Erode, Trichy, Sivakasi, Dindigul and many other remote parts of South India. The plan is open to other states as well but majority of the takers are from South India.

The plan gives your unlimited products and deals display, own domain website, branded mobile website, customized banners, exclusive branding and 500MB of media bank storage.

In the actual face of marketing, you have to demonstrate your product to each and every customer. In case of online marketing, you just have to upload your product pictures along with the specification. The internet marketing world is just one single market. As a small business, you can promote your business internationally at low prices through Pepagora.


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