Native advertising and its types

Today’s businesses are seeing a shift in how consumers prefer to learn about brands. As a result of this, companies are soon shifting towards native advertising to promote their brands. So what is native advertising?

Native advertising is a form of paid media wherein the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is place. In terms of form, a native ad feels like natural content and in terms of function, the ads behave consistently with native user experience. They are usually fit in the publication content so they seem to appear as a part of it. Sometimes, it even becomes difficult to distinguish between the publication’s content and a native ad.

native advertising

Some popular types of native ads are as follows:

  • Content recommendation: At the end of many articles of publications, you usually read ‘recommended for you’ or ‘made for you’, these widgets are called content recommendation engines that allow brands to leverage the audiences of major publishers and drive traffic to the website. Content recommendation widgets can also be used along with content marketing.
  • Promoted listings: This feature is usually used by ecommerce websites to features sponsored products first on a category page. This helps certain brands get to the front line.
  • Paid search ads: Paid search ads are similar to promoted listings but the listings appear at the top of customer search results. This is mainly used in search engine marketing.
  • In feed units: In-feed units promote sponsored content along with the publication’s natural index of articles. The content is marked as sponsored, but it blends into the publisher’s native experience.
  • In-ad with native elements: This type of native advertising looks like a standard ad but has significant contextual relevancy with the publisher.
  • Custom ads: The term custom ads are used for contextual ads that do not fit a specific format.

These days, native advertising has become extremely popular. It is used in the form of videos, images, articles, commentary, music, and other various forms of media. Generally, native advertising categories are ‘open’ and ‘closed’. There are also certain hybrid categories that are a mixture of open and closed. Many people argue that content marketing is a form of native advertising.native advertising

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