Why investing in B2B is a good idea?

These days, B2B ecommerce is the most perspective markets. B2B ecommerce significantly contributes to the GDP of the country. Today, the B2C market has become extremely overcrowded. Many small players are emerging. On the other hand, B2B ecommerce still has plenty of room for growth. Since the number of customers is lower in this market segment, it is much easier to start and drive growth.

By building company presence online, new market trends can be discovered. The leads that used to be distant can now be easily reached. Any client can easily find out more about your company easily on the web. In B2B, both companies do their research. The kind of interaction has a positive effect on the trust issue that takes place in the world of ecommerce. Investing in B2B helps in increased number on integrations and referral connections.


In the coming years, B2B players can expect more growth in online retail. It has much growth and scaling potential in the wholesale/manufacture segment. In India, 25% B2B retailers have adopted ecommerce.

The number of B2B buyers that prefer online shopping is three times higher compared to minor players or recently created businesses. That also creates the demand for investments for both new and experienced ecommerce platforms.

Few reasons why it is good to invest in B2B online retail are as follows:

  • Significant market growth
  • Relatively low competition in comparison to the saturated B2C market
  • Lots of opportunities for new players and existing B2B players that plan on going online
  • Overall market value expectations are predicted to beat B2C in 5 years
  • Businesses are easy to scale due to market structure
  • Long-term market relationship cause possibilities of long-term benefit obtained upon investment

Thus, B2B online retail investments are slowly going to become a buzzword.

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