Inclination of Agricultural Product Sale in India via Online

Agriculture sector contributes to roughly 16% of Indian GDP and 10% of its export earnings. Products featuring under this sector are cereals and pulses, seeds, spices, fruits and vegetables dry fruits, oils, fertilizers, processed food, cultivation aiding machinery etc.Traditionally in the Indian economy, the farmers sold their agriculture produce to the consumer directly on a cash or barter basis.But with modernization usage of machines & special storage units has created a necessary that the sale of products has to be better adjusted according to market conditions(i.e. the demand & price).

This has led complexity in marketing of agriculture products. Moreover, a major share of these products produced today is intended for export. This favors the options of sale of products online since it doesn’t have geographical boundaries.

The use of the digital medium to sell these products will not only help farmers but will also help the other players in the agriculture supply chain as well as boost the Indian economy on the whole. Online marketplaces attract buyers from across the world and thereby help improve the financial state of all concerned in the trade. Importers and exporters are especially helped by online marketplaces and business directories that offer a marketplace for buying and selling the products.

Online directories for agriculture allow individual suppliers as well as consortium’s to freely gather information on products such as seeds, fertilizers, and agriculture practice equipment. It allows anyone in the supply chain to reach customers more directly at lower costs.

bannerThere are several online marketplaces for manufacturers and buyers of agriculture products. These portals also provide with a directory of suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters. The sale of agriculture produce in India is shifting online with the launch of many online platforms that support such transactions. Such website lists various manufacturers, product distributors, the wholesale sellers, importers and exporters who can be contacted for buy leads and purchase of various agriculture products.

This kind of online marketplace for agriculture also helps in improving the organization and efficiency for all the players in this sector as it reduces costs and time to market while increasing the reach, especially of the farmer. It would also the companies that process the agricultural produce into various forms like pickles, jams, jellies,oil,fibre etc.

These virtual marketplaces that support agriculture product based trade help to give the suppliers, especially farmer-owned companies or groups, higher negotiating power and better returns. Online marketplaces and directories also help buyers pre-order agricultural products with manufacturers and suppliers. This helps in planning of the various steps in the agricultural process and in better managing the supply and demand.

The online sale of agriculture products will help Indian farmers, suppliers and manufacturers overcome the inefficiencies present in the traditional models of sales and marketing and also help them better identify potential buyers and improve their profitability.

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