Stationery an integral part of living

Stationery means the things used at office place or basically the office supplies to carry out the day to day activities at workplace. The items of stationery include pens, pencils, erasers, glue, paper weights, and folders to carry information etc. As it ensures, more effective functioning in the work, stationery have really become an integral part of our daily routine.

The consumers

It’s not only the school kids, but also the working class executives who prefer having a pen with other essentials like the designer folders, the calendars etc, are people who are in need of stationery. In the modern day, offices focus on owning equipments such as projectors and screens for the presentations.


Going Online

As we all are aware of the fact that the online shopping industry has exploded with the thousands of customers making a purchase using the world’s latest trends which is the internet. The online shopping undoubtedly is the most convenient option for any individual and moreover other costs such as the transportation costs are also saved.Large chunk of the marketplace is occupied by the stationery supplies with approximately 98.8 percent. Buyers such as corporate firms and big retailers preferred local suppliers for their requirement and believed in getting the need fulfilled in the shorter deadlines.But with the online malls buying & selling bears no geographic restriction.

The Significance

Be it online or offline these items such as staplers, notepads and other such items used at offices and schools are of great importance to the individuals depending upon their needs and wishes. With the invent of computers, much of the information is stored in them but still the use and materiality of paper and other stationery items prevail at most of the places.

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