Content marketing will change the online marketing scenario in 2015

Content marketing has already made its way in full swing. All online marketers, micro-bloggers and writers now believe that content is the king and have started adopting a content-focused marketing approach. They believe that content marketing is far more beneficial over search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media optimisation (SMO). The digital marketing world is complicated and fast-paced. Hence, 2015 will see emerging trends in the online marketing scenario.Before going ahead it is very important to understand what content marketing is?

Content Marketing is the process of creating and sharing newsworthy content with your target audience so as to create awareness and establish a relationship with potential customers.

We are in a digital revolution where marketers only focus on the content. There is nothing wrong in doing so. It is because of content marketing today, that SMEs are able to increase brand awareness and also establish effective buyer-seller relationship. Customers can find all the required information under one roof which makes sharing of content much easier. Websites today are more engaging and thus customers are more likely to purchase products from a trustworthy company.


Information on the move

Mobile phones and other devices have already created an explosion which was never seen before. People today depend on their devices for anything and everything. Technology has changed the way the world operates and conducts business. Gone are the days when a company would have to wait for days for their advertisement to be published in the newspaper or get a mention in a magazine. Today information sharing is faster and more convenient than ever before. Where it used to take hours to sell a product and generate sales, now it takes only few minutes. The latest ‘mobile apps’ have created a never before seen phenomena.

Trending talks

The year 2015 can see the emergence of new trends like infographics and microblogging. While writing good content is important, using infographics and mind maps are equally important. Infographics is one such trend that has changed the online marketing scenario. Marketers today are famous for supporting their content with an image by using graphics, charts and bars. Patterns and trends help improve cognition and people find it easier to grasp ideas. The term for such marketing is called data visualization. The internet has changed the way people think, behave, react and conduct business. Microblogging is one such tool which is gaining popularity among groups and public forums. It is different from traditional blogging and is mostly seen on social media platform- Twitter. It is a practice of posting small pieces of digital content. Example: Tweets on Twitter. It can be a form of text, images, web links and short videos. Microblogging is gaining popularity today and by 2015 it is likely to take over the World Wide Web.

The online market place is continuously evolving and therefore it is important for companies to constantly be on the look for new ways to attract buyer attention. Hence, content marketing is a vast domain and has surely changed the face of the online marketing scenario. The year 2015 will emerge with such trends where content marketing strategies will be on the fingertips of the people.

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