Buckets Of Social Media Measurement

Buckets Of Social Media Measurement

These days, most online business portals and B2C industries have embarked on a social media strategy. The most common struggle most of these industries face is measurement of social media results. As we all know, social media tools and platforms have a huge impact on many aspects of business, from customer service and employee hiring to marketing and actual product development. Many people do not know if these social media engagement efforts are actually successful. To understand online recognition and reputation and impact on your business you should create a customized measurement program that is based on real goals.


Use the following social media buckets to get real time results:

  • Business metrics: Social media sites have special tools that can help you link your efforts to business outcomes. Leads, donations, new email subscribers and sales can help. You can link every campaign to social media sites to check which one is driving the most conversion rates. Depending on what your goal is, you can also check the number of times people have actually given feedback on your products and services. By keeping a track of such things, you can actually examine how your social media efforts have affected your target audience.
  • Voice your opinion: In social media, voice refers to the number of conversations that have taken place about your brand versus your competitor. A monitoring program can help you track all the conversations about your brand. You will also be able to segregate the positive from the negative and neutral. If the number of conversations about your brand are high, that means you are doing a good job, if they suddenly fall, you must dig deep into the issue.
  • Awareness: As a B2B marketer, you main goal is to build awareness. To build awareness, you must work towards website traffic, page views, number of searches and video and content views.
  • Engagement: Engagement on social media is a vital bucket. The way your target audience interacts with you and your content matters. Some signs of engagement include likes, shares, comments, mentions, ratings, retweets and clicks.
  • Influence: The influence your content has over your target audience also affects your campaign. The likelihood of Facebook posts and Twitter links inspire action.
  • Popularity:Online popularity is essential to online business portals. The number of people who have subscribed to your content affects your popularity. Quantity and quality of followers both matter. The number of email subscribers, follower on Twitter, members on a LinkedIn group and number of people who have liked your Facebook page.

Your main outlook is to measure the above six social media buckets. Apart from this, there are many other business outcomes you can measure. The outcomes of B2B digital marketing strategy are different from B2C digital marketing strategy.

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