Best way to showcase B2B products

Best way to showcase B2B products

Whether it is B2C e-commerce or B2B e-commerce, product images play a vital role in driving sales. To build an effective product page you will require good resources. B2B product pages should be short, visual and highly optimised to provide buyers a seamless shopping experience. Unlike B2C purchase decisions, B2B purchase decisions take longer. Also, B2B products require more information and research time.

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In this article, we will discuss few points which will help you build a perfect B2B product online portal.

  • Research: It is important to research on how visitors consume your product pages. Before launching your B2B portal, get some individuals to visit your site. Ask them what they feel about a given product page and what they expected to be there. If you have a clean product page, 60% of the buyer’s journey is complete. Every B2B buyer wants to know every detail of the product such as technical specifications, specialty, product working and pricing information.
  • Product positioning: Once your wire frame has been decided, it is good to move on to product positioning. It should not be a clutter, but should be loud and clear. It should be the first thing a viewer sees on his page which immediately facilitates a purchase decision. It should fit well with all the visual components. In online B2B portals in India, there are two types of product positioning. One is feature based and the other is benefit based. The former tells you exactly what your product does while the latter focuses on what the product makes possible.
  • Create a video: These days the value of a video along with a product description is a big hit. Product videos should not just showcase the product, but should tell the viewer how best the product can fit into their lives. The video should have a clear context.
  • Don’t shy away from competition: When you are in business to business, product comparisons are unavoidable. Do not just shy away from it. It is always better to face it. Most prospective customers like comparative information.
  • Offer testimonials: Social proof is a powerful way to give assurance to a buyer. From Twitter tweets to Facebook posts, social proof can come in different forms. It is advised to have a separate page for reviews and case studies. The testimonials you select should align with the positioning you’ve chosen and must highlight the page.
  • Measure it all: The effectiveness of product pages can be measured in number of ways. Conducting a basic analysis from time to time will help in effective B2B marketing. You must measure page views, time on page, bounce rate, conversions and search engine optimization.

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