Advantages of Hidden Hangouts for B2B Buyers

The best opportunity to grow your B2B business is to engage with your haters or customers who complain on public forums. And definitely the best opportunity to engage with haters isn’t social media yet. The best place to face these haters is public forums. Many businesses do not choose to answer questions and a complaint on social media is because they can be niche and circular.


Some of the advantages of hidden hangouts of B2B sellers and buyers are as follows:

  • Your answers are recorded forever: On any public forum, your answers are recorded forever. And, the conversation could be read much later. Many online communities last for a long time and they have high rankings in Google and other search engines due to their authority and specificity. Thus, if someone searches for your business or a product you deal in, your company name may appear on the first page of the search results. Forums are often detailed repositories of information. As result, they are most likely to be consulted before purchasing a product. You will find many B2B buyers in India on such forums and online communities. Because of the indefinite shelf-life of forums, sellers should respond quickly. Typically within 24-48 hours.
  • Consistent and personal presence: Since discussion boards and forums are true communities, the members should participate consistently. This builds recognition and trust that can boost advocacy and benefit of the doubt as well. Forums are nothing but group discussions.
  • Give forums a personal touch in B2B: Apart from discussions boards having a consistent human presence, it is also important as part of the B2B economy. It is good to create a personal touch in the B2B forums. B2B sellers can interact with the B2B buyers in India on a personal level and address their issues and concerns.

Therefore, hidden hangouts are an essential part of every B2B business and also determine B2B success. In a way, hidden hangouts also serves as an effective marketing strategy as you are continuously handling customer queries and complaints. It boosts your confidence as a company and helps you handle a large target audience. There is just one rule of thumb. When you respond on any public forum or digital venue, don’t just respond to one person who posted a question, but to everyone who will read that conversation. This will build a permanent trust seal in the mind of the B2B buyer.

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