Advancement in Apparel industry by Online Sales

Advancement in technology has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. We have come a long way since the internet was invented. We currently live in a society where anything can be done online using the internet. Information sharing and communicating has become much simpler. These are basic things. Until few years ago who would have thought that a concept called online shopping’ would come up? Gone are the days when people wanted to touch and feel the fabric before purchasing any clothing apparel. The internet has revolutionized everything and made it much easier.

In the past one or two years, online apparel industry has experienced a boom. Research proves that 50% of the world’s population shops online. High street retailers also feel that their percentage of sales going through their website is increasing every year.

Since online shopping has been getting such a positive response, more companies are coming up with online shopping portals. These websites provide a one stop solution for all clothing needs for both men and women. The popular ones are Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal, Ebay, Amazon and Home shop 18. Retailers continue to increase the scale of e-commerce operations by investing in online sale platforms that display products and generate more customers.

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What adds to the growth of the apparel industry online is the shopping experience. One will actually feel like their shopping in a store because these websites provide excellent facilities. Once the customer selects the particular product he/she wants to purchase, the excellent visualisation tools give you a complete overview of the product. All the specifications or features of the product are also listed. Based on all the information provided by the website, the customer can make its purchase decision.

One concept which has helped the layman accept online shopping is cash on delivery (COD). Not everybody has credit or debit cards. Therefore the option of COD makes these products available to people from all sectors. Once you make up your mind on purchasing a product and go through the payment process one can simply select the payment mode they want and complete the transaction.

Apparel online has become a large success due to the concept of easy and free returns and timely deliveries.

Shopping online has many advantages:

  • It is very convenient. There is a vast availability of products to choose form.

  • It is a less time consuming process. One need not wait in long queues in front of the trial room or the billing counter.

  • It helps the customer compare the prices of a product across many websites before purchasing it.

  • The most important advantage is that online shopping is a 24 hour service. Therefore people who work during the day and can’t go shopping have the option of shopping at whatever time they feel like.

Hence, shopping online is a pleasurable experience.

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