7 Marketing Initiatives to succeed in the b2b industry this 2016

7 Marketing Initiatives to succeed in the b2b industry this 2016

The emerging trends in the B2B marketing reveal that digital marketing term is outdated and replaced by content marketing, marketing automation, paid social amplification. B2B industry in India, may not be a successful one as the B2C but it has got all the potential to surpass the success of B2C. Here are seven initiatives for b2b industry to strike a difference and rejoice success.

Use Content marketing


Content marketing remains a highly promising technique that can be easily incorporated to create brand awareness, reach to target audience and engage the audience. It is estimated that almost 50% of leads can be generated through content marketing. Building content to differentiate you and your business is definitely going to reward you this year.

Trust Email marketing to reach out to your audience


Although many assume that email marketing is outdated, just because tons of emails reach the inbox every day and go unnoticed. Still it can be considered as a part of effective marketing. A simple template to fit your content, add some plugins, social media links to engage and create a better user experience. Guess what? You may end up in generating response and leads.

Effective Website Marketing



Website marketing is one of the best and effective marketing tactics. A mobile friendly website coupled with email opt-ins, a video is good enough to engage the audience. Use quality over quantity. Add simple and user understandable content.

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Go the app way


Be it the mobile apps or the on-site apps, all B2B firms are trying to grab marketing opportunity through apps. As apps turn the static pages into user interaction podium, engaging users will be easy. The conversion rate of users to leads is higher with apps, as it provides an instant update, higher interaction groups. A small investment in technology to build a customized app will definitely bring results. So, don’t wait, start building your app.

Sales and marketing


Use account-based marketing to increase the sales rate. Advocate sales automation to convert user personas to buyer personas.

Social media for marketing and interaction


Use Twitter, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to access social audiences. Build engagement and convert visitors to subscribers of your news feed or blog.

Word-of-mouth marketing


As the term ‘digital marketing’ is becoming obsolete. Industry professionals now simply refer it as marketing. Clearly the offline and online marketing are merging, demanding for a combined direct marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing will serve as trust tool to create brand awareness. Referrals have been the most valuable form of marketing.

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