5 reasons why consumers choose to buy digital products online

Online shopping has its own advantages and benefits. People these days prefer shopping online than in-store for a variety of products for various reasons. From clothing to accessories to necessities, consumers shop for all these things online. Another category to enter the online shopping scenario is digital products.

When we say digital products, we are referring to computer hardware and software products like laptops, tablets, digital cameras, DSLRs and smartphones. The evolution of digital products is never ending. Technology trends change constantly and every now and then a new digital product is launched in the market. Consumers are curious and want to get their hands on all these products as fast as possible. Consumers forget the physical world and enter a digital world. E-commerce sales worldwide for digital products have rose to over $600 billion since 2011.

This article is going to examine consumer buying behaviour online and why they prefer to buy digital products online than in a retail store.

Compare & Shop

Online shopping portals and e-commerce stores give the consumer an option to compare products. It even gives you the option to compare and review how many ever products you wish. Consumers have the chance to compare the specifications, quality and price and customer service of one camera to the other and then decide if they want to purchase it. While in offline stores also you can compare two products or more, it becomes a little difficult because in a retail store there are salesmen explaining the product to you. Listening to each and everything they say can get difficult at times. E-commerce portals that sell digital products have everything written clear which allows you to read carefully and make a sound purchase decision. It also saves time rather than traveling from one store to the other.


Wider selection & Availability

E-commerce stores give consumers more choice. Consumers can choose from a wide range of products. The best part about buying computer hardware and software products online is that everything is available under one roof. The buyer need not go to multiple stores to purchase one product. Consumers can find cameras, laptops and smartphones and tablets all under one roof. This gives scope for wider selection. Sometimes, it also happens that a particular model of a phone isn’t available in retail stores but one can easily find it online. The reason is that because online there are so many computer hardware and software suppliers and wholesalers that one can easily find it.

Better Prices

Shopping online for digital products is always better because of the bargains, cheap prices and deals. Online shopping portals always have some sale or discount going on for any special occasion or festival. Consumers should take advantage of these bargains and buy the product they require before the offer lapses. Online stores also allow the consumer to club an offer with another product. Example: Buy a camera and get a camera case on 50% discount. The reason why online prices are better for a camera or mobile phone is because the product comes to you directly and there is no middle man involved like a retailer. The product comes straight from the computer and software manufacturer or wholesaler. Some buyers compare the price online and in a store and then make their purchase decision based on who’s offering cheaper prices. But usually they go in for online over offline.

Get a review from a shopper

E-commerce websites allow existing shoppers who purchase a product to post their reviews about their recent purchase. Other buyers can read these reviews and make their purchase decision based on that. It is always better to do a thorough research online before purchasing a product. Offline shopping gives no scope for customer reviews.

Convenient & Saves Time

Buying digital products online surely saves time. It is less stressing and can be done at any time. It can also be done during business hours or a break. It is apt for a service professional who absolutely has no time to go and purchase a new laptop. And, the laptop is invaluable to the work he does because his old laptop has just given way. In the business world, digital products have become a necessity. An IT professional just cannot do without it. In such situations, e-commerce stores come to the rescue.

Hence, above are the 5 main reasons why consumers prefer buying digital products in an online store than in an offline one.

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