10 interesting facts on Google’s self-driving car

Facts on Google’s self-driving car

The recent self-driving car by Google is indeed a dream come true. It is a car without brakes, accelerators and steering wheel. Google has put in great efforts to make driving easier, safer and more enjoyable. The invention of the self-driving car is commendable. Here are 10 interesting facts on Google’s self-driving car we bet you didn’t know.

Google self driving car

  • The shift towards automobiles isn’t new for Google. Google began testing self-driving cars back in 2009, when it took Toyota’s iconic Prius Hybrid around California.
  • Three years later, in 2012, thing accelerated further when Google began testing with another Toyota vehicle, Lexus RX450h. It completed over 300,000 miles on freeways.
  • Two years ago, Google made a shift from off-the-shelf cars to its self-designed car that it continues to work on. It is a viable alternative to the self-driving car movement.
  • Google’s self-driving car is likely to have no steering wheel or control pedals. It behaves more like pods rather than cars.
  • These intelligent cars use sensors and software to detect objects like pedestrians and cyclists and can safely drive around them.
  • Google is working very hard to introduce the self-driving car before the turn of the century. Google wants to launch the car before 2020.
  • Google is facing intense competition from another tech giant, Apple. It is also facing increased resistance from mainstream auto-manufacturers.
  • According to Google, the car can process both map and sensor information to find out the exact location or lane which it is driving in. The sensors are so powerful that it can detect all kind of objects.
  • The current bubble-shaped design of the car has been mocked at by critics. They found it too cartoonish. Google has been heavily criticized for the design.
  • Google will limit the car to not more than 25mp/h.
  • Critics say that the tech giant is in to control another aspect of our lives. The benefits of the self-driving car definitely outweigh the risks.
  • During the test drives, safety drivers are equipped with safety controls that allow them to take over driving if needed.

Therefore, we are all eagerly awaiting the launch of Google self-driving car. Let’s wait and watch if Google can take over the automobile scenario as it has taken over the internet and technology segment.

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