10 best solar powered products available on Pepagora.com

From solar panels to solar gadgets, Pepagora has a list of recommended solar products to help you in your daily life. India’s solar power potential is limitless. With solar equipment costs falling every year, solar power is becoming even more affordable. Solar power is great for homes, offices and factories and for India as a country. By switching to solar light alternatives, you can save considerably on your electricity bills. By installing and using solar gadgets in your home, you will also be contributing to the environment and planet as a whole. Pepagora.com hosts are number of solar light manufacturers in India. Each manufacturer is unique in its offerings and has something versatile.

solar energy products

However, Pepagora.com brings to you the 10 most versatile solar power products which every individual needs in his life.

  • Emergency solar LED flashlight: The emergency ready solar LED flashlight has a radio and mobile charger. It is has everything you need for an outdoor adventure. It is perfect for hiking, camping, fishing and hunting. It features a radio, digital display, compass, chronograph, barometer, LED flashlight, alarm clock, bottle opener, digital clock and a date, time and battery display which functions even when the phone is off. It operates entirely on solar energy from its monocrystalline solar panel.
  • Solar charging kit: The offered solar charging kit offer 60 watts of solar power as a backup free source of energy within your home or virtually anywhere. The solar kit prevents battery discharge when the sun isn’t shining bright. The solar panels are made from weatherproof silicon and glass solar panels. It is a saviour on cloudy days.
  • Waterproof solar flashlight: The light works brilliantly when the sun is shining bright. It features 3 bright LEDs. Best of all, it is waterproof and works underwater as well.
  • Solar cooker: Portable, rugged, durable and easy to operate is some of the features of the solar cooker. It is extremely affordable too. It is great for picnics and camps to cook on the go on a bright sunny day.
  • Garden solar lights: Solar garden light suppliers offer solar powered LED accent light. The lights are easy to install and are highly durable. The LED lights get automatically charged by absorbing solar energy.
  • Solar backpack: The solar backpack is a must have for every adventure lover. The backpack is durable and stylish. The bag has renewable solar panels which may be used to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices.
  • Flexible solar module: The flexible solar module has thin-film solar cells. It is highly durable with up to 9 watts of power thus making it perfect for any charging conditions.
  • Solar powered LED light globe: The solar powered LED light globe is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. The product is waterproof and weather resistant. It absorbs direct sunlight by day and converts solar energy into electricity by night. Additionally, it has a rechargeable battery to reserve extra solar power and a floodlight setting.

Get these products and many more solar powered products only on Pepagora.com. It’s the only place where you will find genuine solar light suppliers in India.

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